Artist Statement, exhibition in Stakkahlíð


artist statement arite fricke

 I am not my thoughts.

I am not my past.

I am not here to be perfect.

I am here to bring peace to myself and the world. *

*Laura Seiler – visionary, coach, author

I belief that kite making is an activity that creates a peaceful and joyful atmosphere. It brings people of various age, origin or religion together. Making a functioning kite requires various skills, but with help of others it can be managed. That is why it is a fantastic group activity. Furthermore, it also promotes creative and critical thinking as well as the ability to solve problems. Research has shown that kite making workshops run by art therapists in refugee camps made the people escape their reality for a while, brought some distraction and even gave them moments of joy. One can say that each handmade kite carries a specific message to the world about the person or people who crafted it. There are many challenges people are dealing with in their lives, as individuals and all of us collectively in our society. Ways must be found to repair. One way could be to look inwards, to discover the miracle of life and how things are interconnected. And send the message of peace out to the world.

Exhibition: three kites in Japanese Rokkaku style made of Chinese paper and recycled paper, linen thread, bamboo. One kite in the shape of a Chinese fertility kite. Linocut printing. Text written with a black marker on German book pages

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