It has been my habit to prepare visual calendar (moodboard) for myself and the student. It leads us through the weeks. I dedicate each month to an art epoque, however the techniques and terms learned will be repeated through time in the different projects (light & shadow, perspective drawing, color theory). Furthermore, students are learning differnt techniques or using something already learned but a different theme (acrylic painting, drawing with pencil and ink, watercolor, pens, water solulable pencils, felting, clay). I add or remove things from the schedule as time goes by. The felting project came out of a collaboration with my colleague Ragnheiður Lárusdóttir. She is introducing Snorra Saga. It fits well into my schedule, so I added a brochure of the artist Louise Harris latest exhibition and a sample we did together. In connection with perspective drawing I brought sweets to the lessons and let the students draw them from many sites. They may also use magnifying glasses. Later on, they will make a small painting using what they learned.