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Geometric Design

Preparing a presentation for my colleagues about an art course for teenagers I am teaching:


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iPad og myndlist


Skemmtileg verkefni sem Ingvi Hrannar vinnur með iPad.


Eric Broug: geometric design

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 16.29.56.png

This Ted educational movie connects the islamic geometric design patterns with artists such as Escher.

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Sustainable architecture


Just red a Creative Review article: “Dong-Ping Wong on designing buildings that give back”

Wong’s work spans a water-filtering floating pool in New York, through to weird and wonderful stores for cult streetwear brand Off-White. Here, he discusses the importance of creating experiences through architecture, and why the industry is changing for the better. Wong says in the article: “I really like the idea that buildings are not just passive shells for activity but active members of society,”

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Hringur, ferhyrningur og lína


Hlakka til að sjá þessi sýning með verkum efir Eyborg Guðmundsdóttir:

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Draumurinn um hringlaga flugdreka


Every once in a while I have tried to design a circle kite and even encouraged my students to do so. Thats an easy and fun task, flying how ever turned a circle-shaped kite is not so easy. The people of Guatemala have an ancient tradition of creating giant circle kites at the All Saints Day Kite Festival during the Day of the Dead celebration (picture underneath belongs to that website). That must be the ultimate event for every kite enthusiast to attend.


However, these days I am construction a Hawaiian moon kite with one of my students. Material: Chinese paper, bambus. The first 80 minutes we spend on choosing the material, constructing the sail and experimenting with ink. I mostly use the book “DuMonts Bastelbuch der Drachen” with construction guidelides


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Pictures from past workshops

Acrylic painting with teenagers



1st graders describing their work

Krummakletta are a volcanic landscape mark behind our school. The first graders worked a project I found on access art (drawings by Maurice Sediak). They learned mark making and drawing with ink, pens, pencil and oil pastels and made a group piece out of it.

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